Reflections On Expiration Dates

To everything, there is a season ... 

these freshly-cut flowers were planted and grown
for this beautiful Mother's Day bouquet
but, after they've served their purpose,
to celebrate our Mom and let her know that she is loved,
they will start to 
dry up, 
turn brown, 
and fade away.
That's how life works; 
everything has an expiration date.

So today, as I think about expiration dates,
it's time to thank you, dear readers, for
sticking with me at The Corner on Character
for the five years that I've spent 
and growing with you through my reflections.
Today's post is #1318.
Nothing really special about that number, 
except that evidently I've had a lot to say
and a lot of resources to share.
Some of the links have expired already;
please accept my apologies for those.

I started this journey five years ago, as our daughter was graduating from HS and leaving the nest for her five-year Architecture program, so it seems to fit that I'd feel the pull to retire from blogging just as she graduates from UT.

Doors open ... 
and then they close.
Expiration dates make room for born-on dates
because endings spark new beginnings.

So today, I'm grateful, 
that you have come along with me
during this season of online reflection.
Thank you for your kind comments over the years.
Thank you for your affirmations during the happy 
and support during the sad.
Thank you for connecting and sharing life with me.

It has been so much fun to create content that I thought
readers like you might enjoy, and I'm going to miss thinking,
I can blog about this!
But right now feels like a good time to move on,
like my blogging expiration date has arrived,
so I'm signing off.
With no regrets.

I invite you to go back through those
thirteen hundred and eighteen posts now and again
for some inspiration or motivation.
Who knows? You just may hear or feel something again
{or for the first time} just when you need it the most.

I still plan to update my Books That Teach list
as I come across new titles that you simply must check out.

I'll also keep up my book's FB page and my Pinterest pagesso feel free to check in with me there. I always love hearing what you're up to.

If you want to meet up in real life,
come to one of my workshops or keynotes,
or schedule a school visit in Texas at Bales Intermediate.
If you're interested in hosting a character training,
shoot me an email or give me a call.
I'm super excited about an upcoming Montana trip to connect with a certain counselor
who wrote my blog's all-time most popular guest post: Empathy in a (Shoe) Box.

To everything, there is a season;
may you be blessed as you bless.


  1. Barbara,
    I have loved reading and reflecting with you. You have helped me grow. Thank you for sharing yourself with us and spreading joy and kindness like confetti.

    1. And thank YOU, Sylvia, for my first-ever blog button. I will NEVER forget your kindness. Cape up and crusade on!!

  2. My Texas Counselor Friend, I am going to miss your daily blogs so much. They were like a part of my daily routine and always brought great inspiration to my day. Thank you for all the ideas and resources you have shared, they have created a ripple effect on students from all over! You are a Super Hero!

    1. Thank you, Laurel. A huge bonus of my blogging adventure has been meeting, getting to know, and becoming friends with strong role models, like you!

  3. Barbara, I have to admit it was bittersweet to read this post... bitter because I will miss your posts but sweet because it's good to see you following your heart. Tthis blog (and your book) is a treasure to the world. I know how tough the blogging gig is but you have done incredible work that will keep being useful to parents and teachers around the world, so THANK YOU from all of us who have benefited from your wisdom and commitment to sharing. xx

    1. My pleasure, Chelsea. I treasure your beautiful words of affirmation and love.

  4. No - say it isn't so! I will so miss reading your posts. To think you posted everyday for a year is AMAZING. Thank you for your years of insight, encouragement, ideas, links to resources and for sharing YOURSELF with all of us. You will never know how grateful I am for your blog. Without it I wouldn't have "met" you. I am so excited to REALLY meet you in a few months! Finally, thank you for leaving your blog up for all of us to access and refer back to and for even letting your readers know that you are closing out this part of your life so we don't have to wonder what happened. :) I'm forever grateful for all the things you said "no" to so you could say "yes" to blogging.

    1. I love the way you put that, Tanya, and I am eager to see what kinds of other opportunities I'll have to say YES to now that I'm not debating with myself over which words to use to best convey my thoughts and feelings. I'll still be blogging over at Free Spirit Press, so don't forget to check in there periodically to find me on assignment. See you soon!

  5. Barbara - Thank you for being a BIG part of my last five years. I am a better counselor because of you. You are a gifted school counselor and it is wonderful that you took the time to coach and share ideas with me and other counselors. Thank you, thank you. I am a forever fan and will keep contact with you through your Facebook and Pinterest pages.

  6. Barbara, I just saw this post!! Thank you for an uplifting and wise blog. You'll be missed. Take care and new adventures! xo


I really enjoy hearing from my readers; thanks for sharing your reflections with us!