Make A Mark

Have you seen Emily Arrow's new song based on Peter Reynolds' book ISH yet? 

Isn't she just precious-ish?
I'll admit it; I went all fan girl when she Tweeted me that she's working on the sheet music for the ukulele.
I'm on it!
And there's another ukulele sensation on the scene; 
have you seen this little singer songwriter?
Amazing Grace. I admire how she's making her mark,
one original song at a time, big time!

The ukulele really is a magical little instrument,
especially when you have these little rays of sunshine
singing and clapping along. So many blessings.

It has been a busy few weeks as we get another school year way under way. This past week at Parent Night I tried something new, a seed that grew from a collaboration with Susan, a counseling colleague in PA. This ... 

became THIS!

There are so many sweet sentiments on this wall of fame, 
our caregivers' hopes, goals, and dreams for their children, 
many of which have nothing to do with academics. 
One of my favorites? 
You can ... be a rainbow of joy
So touching.

We also celebrated our grandparents with a breakfast ... 

and car hopped through Happy Hour at Sonic!

A FUNdraising end to a terrific week.

How have you been making your mark?

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