Pursuing Perfection, Catching Excellence

Happy Saturday; today I'm excited to have a day
with absolutely nothing to do.
Not one thing.
I slept in until 10 am. Decadent.
And I may meander to the salon for a pedi at some point.
But mostly, I'm just taking the day to breathe.
Breathe in the goodness of another miraculous day.
A chance to relax, restore, refresh, recharge.
No running around.
No rat race.
No chaos or confusion.
A chance to just BE.
And reflect.

Look what I found on Twitter as I was enjoying every last drop
 of my morning candy bar in a cup coffee.

Click graphic for source.
Perspective. From Peter Pan. Perfect.
Wait, did I just say perfect?

Okay, time to talk about perfection,
because the struggle is real. 
At least for me it is.
Because I used to still want things to line up perfectly.
It may be part of how I'm hard-wired, that need for order.
And I'd like to say that I'm getting better at 
adapting and accepting
when they don't align the way I'd
they would.
That is, after all, a huge piece of growth mindset.
Accepting mistakes as part of the process.
Embracing failure as a success.
Letting go of that perfection ideal.

But I still mix up catching excellence
with the pursuit of perfection. Practically every day.
That's why this Lombardi quote speaks to me, I suppose.
Because he's right; perfection isn't attainable.
It's not supposed to be.

So who's with me in the fight against those persistent perfectionistic tendencies
that threaten to thwart our propensity to practice grace 
and our potential to maximize growth?
Because it's the journey that matters,
the chance to stretch and sightsee,
inspire and influence,
support and savor
as we keep moving forward.
Can I hear an amen?

In case you missed it, here's my respect guest post
from earlier this week.

Have I mentioned how grateful I am to be
on assignment with Free Spirit Publishing?
It's so kind of them to invite me share my 
and activities 
with their readers.


  1. My cousin and I were just talking about this. You've put a beautiful exclamation mark on our conversation.

  2. I am a new follower and love seeing updates like this!

    1. Thank you, Kelly, and welcome to the Corner!


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