May It Always Be Personal

Today, lots of questions as we traverse the tricky terrain 
around these three little words:
It's not personal.
I've heard this said a handful of times over the years and haven't ever really thought much about it, until recently, when I read this thought-provoking post.

 So I'm reflecting, trying to better understand
what people mean when they use those three little words 
and, borrowing from a few of my own personal experiences, wondering . . . 

If your teenager snubs you, is it personal?
If you lose your job due to budget cuts, is it personal?
If a teacher is curt with your child, is it personal?
If someone betrays your trust, is it personal?
If the person in line before you jams the copier, is it personal?
If a drunk driver hits you, is it personal?

I'm taking a huge leap here, and it may seem overly simplified or sensitive 
{and maybe even slightly insecure?}, 
but isn't anything that affects humankind kind of personal?

Because what we think is where behavior starts; 
our thoughts determine 
how we feel
and that, in turn, determines 
how we treat others.

Need help turning a thought like that around? Check out the strategy that author Byron Katie teaches in her tale Tiger Tiger, Is It True?. 

And though I'm still not totally sure if there truly is a time 
in which that cliche rings true, what I fervently hope is this:

For those of us in the people business . . .

may it always be personal.

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