That Interview

It was January 21, 2013, the day Jacob had that interview with the Craig and Galen Brown Foundation. I remember it well because parents were invited, too, but, having just been hit head on, I wasn't able to go. So John took Jacob across town to meet with the Aggie alum who had summoned Jacob by email regarding a scholarship opportunity. 

It seemed like forever before they returned from that recruitment interview that MLK holiday. When they got back, Jacob said he thought it had gone well and that, if he understood correctly, Craig Brown was offering him a significant scholarship to attend Texas A & M. Jacob decided shortly after that interview that he would accept Mr. Brown's generous offer and become an Aggie like he was.  

Craig Brown has adopted 108 young college kids this year alone; he supports them not only financially, but physically, emotionally, and spiritually as well. He and his Administrative Assistant, Pam Matthews, know them all personally and treat them like their own. Words cannot adequately express the gratitude and admiration that we feel for the Brown Foundation's scholarship and support.

Last night, we were honored and grateful to join the Brown Foundation in celebrating Jacob along with the other 24 Brown Scholars at their senior banquet. It was delightful to watch this philanthropist move about the banquet hall and visit with his guests, beaming with pride over the young men and women whom he has adopted, each one clearly his favorite.

Good Incredible things are happening because of his shining example! 

Each senior scholar was given two minutes to talk. 
Here's what Jacob had to say:

Craig Brown's generosity is contagious.
Because of his generosity, I now live life more generously.
Because of his mentorship, I choose to mentor more.
Because of his kindness, I am kinder.

That follows for Jacob as well.

We are so incredibly blessed that Mr. Brown stepped into our son's story, invited him to that interview, and enriched our lives by ultimately investing in him so deeply and wholeheartedly. 

May Craig Brown's closing words echo in the hearts of his scholars forever: 
"It's not what you take with you, but what you leave behind that counts."

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  1. Congratulations to Jacob and his parents. With all the wonderful examples he has had throughout his youth, I am quite certain that he is well prepared to make some pretty awesome footprints.


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