The Map

This morning as we were sitting on the window sill before school, one of my new students surprises me with this affirmation: 
Mrs. Gruener, you're like my map. 
I'd never really thought about being a map before,
so I asked him what he meant.
He said he'd follow me anywhere.
He said that I can help him get where he's going.
He said he doesn't feel so lost when he's with me.

And I almost started crying. 

October is kind of crazy for a counselor and this week has been really challenging. I've been assigned a few new jobs and I've been learning some new things, many out of my comfort zone, and all way outside of my skill set. And I'm trying to do some extra stuff, like write a grant for a new program that we want to try. So I've been seriously considering retirement, thinking someone younger could do a better job than I feel like I'm doing. Even my principal has noticed that I've been a little stressed.

And then this Bucket Filler reminds me why I love doing what I do.
I get to be his map even though I'm sometimes as lost as he is.
Maybe more lost. 
But blessed beyond measure.

Our high school PALs also serve as a map; check out these new capes 
on our super PALs Wall of Fame.

Their superpowers include



and kindness.

Isn't their artwork strikingly engaging?

They took their tour of our campus this week and they start their visits with their PALees on Monday. We can't wait.

Grandparents can serve as a map, too. 
As can mentors.
And teachers.
And friends.

Who's your map?


  1. I love these capes! Would you be able to share the pdf or document of a blank one?

    1. I bought these from Really Good Stuff. They're available for purchase here:


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