HOPE Is An Amazing Gift

 It's that time again, time to choose my one little word.
It's a tradition I've enjoyed for six years now,
one that has almost taken on a life of its own,
in which the words seem to choose me instead of vice versa.

In 2012, peace was my one word.

In 2013, gratitude took on a meaning of its own.

In 2014, I focused on seizing intentional joy.

In 2015, I needed harmony.

This past year, the word enough helped me with
sufficiency and contentment.

And now, for 2017, my focus word will be hope.

To have finally selected my #oneword completes a search that began in September, when I traveled to Montana
and made friends with a special third grader named Hope.
Then this Fall, I kept seeing stuff about hope everywhere ... 

Source: whatwillmatter.com
inspirational sayings and influential signs.

On our traditional Thanksgiving trek, I stumbled on {and purchased!} 
this insightful wall decor that sealed the deal.

It encapsulates what endears hope to me
and I'm certain there's a message that has yet to unfold.
I also love that hope is at once a verb and a noun,
that hope offers potential and promise,
and that hope implies trust.

My one word for 2017,
another year that holds so much hope,
another chance to serve,
another blank page to inspire.

365 new days to love.

So as we bid 2016 goodbye, I'm holding tight to hope; 
I can't wait to see what this amazing gift brings.

Happy 2017.


  1. Sending you giant hugs of hope... May your 2017 be filled with wonderful things! And, for the record, you give ME--and so many others--HOPE through your writing without fail!

    Finding JOY in 6th Grade

  2. I love your one word this year - for many reasons. :) I think I have decided on FAITH for mine. May 2017 bring many wonderful, unexpected moments for each of us.


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