Kindness: The Writing's On The Wall

Happy new year. How is 2017 going so far?
This morning I was all goofed up, because we had a work day Monday, which meant students didn't come back until yesterday. So I woke up thinking today was Tuesday, not Wednesday, and that meant I didn't wear a character shirt. I've been wearing a character shirt every Wednesday for the last fifteen years. 
But not today. 
I totally missed it.

So before school, when a third-grade girl told me that it felt like a Tuesday, I told her I thought so, too, and that I'd forgotten to wear my Wednesday character tee. Then she said that I could easily fix that and suggested that I make a word cloud with all of our pillar words and then tape it on to my new sweater. 
Problem solving at its finest, so innocent, thoughtful and sweet.

This week, I set aside some time to create this kindness calendar.

We've sent home countdown calendars before, 
but I've never thought to put a life-sized one up.

One fourth grader who passed by kindly pointed out 
that the daily numbers are missing, but I replied that because
kindness knows no calendar, I'd left them off on purpose.
Though I'm not certain she was totally on board with that,
she let me know that her birthday was on the 11th, so we counted ahead to find her square and talked about what kind act she could show to celebrate her big day. It was perfect, she said, because
she could send thank-you notes for her birthday presents.
Do I have the best job or what?

So we're having fun as we launch into January and gear up for the Kids For Peace Great Kindness Challenge at the end of the month. What engaging things do you have planned as you kick off second semester?

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