Ready To Go, Willing To Stay

Today I'm excited because I found THIS at the resale shop for 99 cents.
What if we focused more on the blessings in our burdens?

I've had so much on my mind as I head into 
the second semester of my 33rd year.
What a blessing my career has been and continues to be.
I work in an AmAzInG school district 
with enthusiastic educators who are passionate
 about kids,
about connections, 
about character, about growth.

In the last fifteen years, I've also had a bit of a consulting business as I prepare for an encore career in professional development, character education, and motivational speaking.

Over the holiday break, in a courageous self-care moment,
I sent away for my Texas Teacher Retirement packet.
This past week, it came in the mail.
Because I think it's time. 
Or getting really close to time.
But how will I really know when it's time?

I was in tears on Monday trying to figure that out, 
when someone I met said this about it: 
You have to be ready to go, but willing to stay.

I'm not sure I'll ever truly be ready to go,
to say good-bye to my superheroes and our stakeholders.
It will undoubtedly be sad and painful because I continue to strongly connect with what I get to do every day. At the same time I'm feeling called to more and more speaking opportunities. It's something I'm passionate about, to pass the baton, to energize the next generation of character educators. And I'm finding it increasingly challenging to do both, to work full time, and to speak part time.

The cool thing is that I'm kind of in a win-win situation.
I win if I stay with the school family I love;
I win if I (and when) I take that leap of faith.

So for now, my status is blessed.
If you, dear reader, have some words of wisdom,
some insights for me, some questions I ought to consider,
I'd love to read your reflections below. Or send me an email. 
Maybe you've already retired; how did you know it was time? 


  1. Oh my, I thought of you as a generation younger than I am. Maybe, I'm wrong. You are in a win-win situation and are lucky to really love what you do and have other things you want to focus on. You are in your power years. Your earlier years are when you are building your career. You've done everything you've wanted and you reach a point where you want to pursue your real work. It may not be something you've done before and it may not be something you get paid for. But it is your work and you know it. Only you know when you are ready to take the leap. I will look forward to hearing what you choose to do.

  2. Your words always have a way to tug on my heart. I know that whichever you decide, you will be continue to make a difference.


I really enjoy hearing from my readers; thanks for sharing your reflections with us!