In The Blink Of An Eye

Tonight as we're addressing the envelopes for Joshua's graduation announcements, I can't help but wonder:

How did we go from this ... 

to this, so quickly?

In the blink of an eye.
Like overnight.
Or so it seems.
Actually, it was lots of blinks
and a few sleepless nights,
many fervent prayers
and a whole lot of forgiveness and grace.

And as we head into another last,
our last FISD Teacher Appreciation Week, 
here's what's on my heart and mind.

To all of Joshua's teachers, thank you.

Thank you for celebrating Joshua for who he is
while gently nudging him to reach higher and be better.
Thank you for finding ways to
productively channel his enthusiasm and energy,
his inquisitive and stubborn curiosity,
and his passionate pursuit of creative problem-solving.
Thank you for being firm yet fair.
Thank you for trying to help him understand
that mistakes are just opportunities for growth
even as his perfectionism threatens to paralyze him.
Thank you for ignoring some of the small stuff
while holding him accountable for the stuff that matters.
Thank you for not letting him get by with less than his best.
Thank you for laughing with him in the good times,
and for holding his heart when he was hurting.
Thank you for preparing him for the future
with those all-important soft success skills.
Thank you for always going that extra mile for him
and for loving him unconditionally.
And above all, thank you for embracing Joshua 
and for helping him find joy in the journey.

We appreciate you, more than you'll ever know.

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  1. A beautiful letter. A beautiful boy. Congratulations to ALL of you for making it this far!


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