The Color Rainbow

As I get ready to head to the teacher-sorority dinner where I'll be speaking on why Mindset Matters, I'm thinking about Teacher Appreciation Week. If you're an educator, I hope you're being pampered and appreciated. This afternoon, we treated our teachers to an ice cream dessert bar and put out blank cards for them to write a thank-you note to a teacher or mentor who inspired them. 

What have you done to thank, honor and celebrate your favorite 
educator, teacher, mentor, coach, or care provider this week?

I'm also still thinking about the cutest thing in church yesterday, from the little girl in front of us. She was trying really hard to visit with her great Grandmother, who was trying equally as hard to keep her quiet. 

Girl: You do know what my favorite color is, don't you Granny?
Granny: {Smiles.}
Girl: I think you do know what my favorite color is.
Granny: {Smiles and nods.}
Girl: I know that you know my favorite color is rainbow.

Well I didn't see that coming; I was actually guessing pink. 
And I'm not sure why that has stuck with me, but it has.
Now rainbow is my new favorite color
because it just makes me happy.

You know what else makes me happy? This! 

I met Texas teacher Julie Woodard on Twitter last week after I complimented her stunning Sketchnote artwork. We tweeted back and forth and she offered to create one for me. Isn't that so kind? If you'd like to commission one, look her up on Twitter {@woodard_julie}. She has a keen sense of humor and is super easy to work with; I know that we'll be laughing like crazy when we actually meet. 

Speaking of laughter, if you're already in summertime planning mode, check out the ideas in this guest post I wrote for Free Spirit.

Click image to go to the post.
Being home for the summer with kids or grandkids doesn't have to break the bank. What do (or did) you like to do on a budget during summer break?

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