They Came Back

Today I'm excited because this is how we started our day.

They came back.

Our high school seniors.
The FHS class of 2017.

To walk our halls one last time.
The halls where their school careers began.
This time in their caps and gowns.

To see their teachers, principals and school counselor.
To smell and feel the memories.
To relive the happiness of their childhood days.

It was a treat to see them all again.
Some of them don't look at all the same
and I couldn't pick them out of a lineup if I had to.
Others look exactly the same
only older and taller.

So we put on our college t-shirts,
got out our rally towels,
lined the hallways in anticipation,
put on some graduation music,
and welcomed them back
so that we could launch them into greatness.

We cheered for them.
We celebrated them.
We gave them hugs and high fives.

It felt really good, to have them back at Bales.
Back home.
If only for a few minutes.
I wanted to keep them longer,
to hold on tight and not let go,
but I know we can't.
It wouldn't be any good
for either of us.
It's time for them to spread their wings and fly.

We're so very happy that they came back.
And we're gonna miss them like crazy.

Thank you, Class of 2017; you make us proud. 
We can't wait to see where life takes you.

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