A Singing Math Tutor?

Happy Monday.
Today I've got some resources that'll put a song in your heart.
First, I'm excited to introduce you to Huzefa Kapadia.

I had the pleasure of visiting with this singing math tutor yesterday; what an enthusiastic visionary. Personally inspired after coming across some Flocabulary music videos, this entrepreneur decided to leave his job in Patent Law to pursue his true love: Music. And while he initially recorded these tutorial videos for fun, he quickly realized that there is great value in this effective learning resource. And so Scalar Learning was born 

Huzefa is especially delighted about his success with this particular music video after using it to successfully teach second graders at Seven Arrows Elementary an advanced concept like Mean, Median and Mode. Huzefa told me that it is his joy to be able to use his intrinsic skill set and passion to put together something so transformative. 

His work isn't confined to the elementary grades; you can check out his SAT course {here}. For more engaging and entertaining math videos, including the Pi song, click {here}.

And who are this young musician's superheroes? His parents and all hardworking people like them and his best friend, whom he admires because he is fearless.

Second, I'm inspired by this wise counsel from Principal Bethany Hill ... 

a gentle reminder that every day, we get to choose.

Third, check out Code 7 by Bryan R. Johnson. 

Despite a little initial confusing, I liked this humorous fictional tale that features seven stories within the story. It steps its reader into the lives of some Flint Hill Elementary students who, independently through everyday situations, end up learning some very valuable lessons that they can use collectively later on. The underlying themes of dream big, persevere and collaborate are woven in to this creative chapter book. Download a discussion guide {here} to get cracking.  

Fourth, as July winds down and we prepare to slide into a new school year, I'm so eager for this outing, something new we're trying, SnoCones with the Counselors. It's this Thursday at 4:00 pm, so if you're in the area, please come by SnoBeach to cool off and connect with us. 

We think it'll be something to sing about!

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