The Wednesday Surprise

Happy Wednesday. Can it really be mid-July already?
I've been waiting for tomorrow night for quite some time now 
because I've been invited to host #EduAR on Twitter.
Here are the details . . .

Click the graphic to read the transcript of the July 20th chat.
and a sample teaser question.

You'll have to join us to share your answer
and read all about what other people are doing to
supercharge the habit of collaboration.

When I saw Dr. Borba's keynote in Austin this summer, she recommended 
The Wednesday Surprise by Eve Bunting as a must-have to give our learners the empathy advantage. So I ordered a copy, and she was right. With empathy to spare, this little superhero collaborates with her Grandmother to give her Dad 
a very special gift.

Click the image to hear Debbie Schatteman read this gem aloud.
I'm not going to spoil the surprise, so give it a listen.
Then order a copy or two for your character building.

It makes me think about this character clipa powerful story about a grown man who works diligently to learn to read to make his adult author son proud, but beware: It's a commercial for Bell's Whiskey, so share it responsibly.
That reminds me of this funny shirt with a serious message. 

But I digress. My idea is to share it with the educators in my learning session audiences, making sure to stop the clip right before the son buys his Dad that celebratory shot of Bell's. And, just like I wouldn't wear this t-shirt to school, I won't be sharing the clip with my intermediate students. Would I share it with tweens or teens? Maybe so, but only along with a stakeholders discussion about responsible decision-making. What are your thoughts about sharing the clip?

Don't forget; set an alarm to set sail on the 7 Cs with us
tomorrow night, July 20th, at 8:30 pm {CST}.
Haven't used TweetDeck yet? Click {here} for a tutorial.
It will be a real tweet to see you there. 

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