Fighting Fearona

Today's post will be a busy one; first, I'm excited to announce the winner of 
Bubble Gum Brain. Our random generator selected comment number 4. 

So if this is your reflection, congrats!
 Please email your postal address so I can get your signed copy on its way. 

Secondly, I'm excited to share another Vlog with you; 
in it, I ask an important reflection question about what hydrates you. 
Click the Magic Beadz image below to watch it on You Tube.

You'll also hear me talk about the book Unmapped Potential by Julie Hasson and Missy Lennard. Click the image below to download the educator's guide to this treasure that tackles those mental maps that we all have, some of which might threaten to keep us from reaching our potential if we're not willing to ask ourselves some serious map-changing questions.  

The authors, also known as the Purposeful Principals, suggest that we admit and become personally acquainted with our negative attitudes and fixed mindsets because we there's benefit in not only claiming them, but naming them. 

Then as an exclamation point on their suggestion, mindset guru Carol Dweck said the same thing in her ASCA keynote and went on to explain their function:

So I've decided to name my fixed mindsets Fearona.

Since I find myself fighting Fearona a lot lately, it really helped me to know that Fearona is only trying to protect me. I need to recognize what she's doing when she's doing it so I can step in and care-front her about it. I'm working on a script to self that goes something like this: Fearona, I appreciate that you're looking out for me, I really do, but I can't possibly grow to reach my potential if you keep getting in my way. Kindly step aside; we've got this. 
I promise to let you know if I need you. 

And then, as if the cosmos were trying to fuel my fight with Fearona, 
Joshua and I spied this banner in Aggieland yesterday. 

Most days, that's him and not me, but I'm working toward integrating that ideal into my mental map, for sure. Have you named your fixed mindsets? What's your most promising practice for unlocking those negative scripts so that you can tap into your greatest growth and become the best version of yourself?

Finally, this month's Free Spirit Press guest post went live this morning, so click the graphic below to go and read my mindfulness suggestions for all students, but especially to assist our learners with ADHD.

Happy 7/13/17; 
don't you love that this week's dates are palindromes?

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