Empathy Ripples

Today I'm thinking about empathy. 
It started when I saw this duck creating these ripples.
All by itself.
Leaving all of these fantastic ripples in its wake.
And I mused that this is how empathy operates.
It starts with one person, just one,
stretching that glorious virtue by
stepping into the story of another
to consider and appreciate his or her feelings.
Happy, sad, mad, scared, angry, afraid.

Listening, really listening, to connect and understand.
Embracing those feelings with a desire to help.
Then mobilizing that compassion so that it results in an action.
That's the way the empathy ripple works.
And when enough people do that, 
those ripples will eventually touch.
So that our world will be a kinder, gentler, and more peaceful place.
So I crusade on, like that duck,
peddling fast and furiously,
nurturing those empathy ripples
working to make sure that they don't lie dormant.
Because here's one of the things I've learned from Michele Borba:
Empathy by itself does no good.
I also learned about this new little treasure from her;
click the image to read her book review and author interview.

Like Michele, I really connect with this newcomer.
I like the real-life examples woven into the text and
the reflection inquiries interspersed among the pages.
I like the discussion questions and activity ideas to promote
and kindness.
And I like the brilliant illustrations and the fun rhyming scheme
that will surely engage and delight young readers
just as the message will strengthen their empathy muscles.

Check out this book and feel what happens when
empathy ripples in your character building.

Looking for more empathy resources?

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  1. Another great post! The connections we make by reaching out...priceless.


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