What Drives Your YET Goals?

Lately I've been thinking about growth mindset and 
the power of the word yet. A lot.
So I posted this invitation on the wall outside my office
for our school family to post our YET goals.

It looked kind of bare with just the word yet,
so I added these three action verbs:


It's really an adaptation of the domains of character:
Head ... cognitive domain ... yearn.
Heart ... affective domain ... embrace.
Hands ... behavioral domain ... try.

Do you have a YET goal?
What haven't you accomplished yet that you would like to attempt?

How will you get from here to there?
What steps will you need to take to arrive at your YET goal?
How will you know when you've arrived at your dream destination?

What drives your YET goal?
What's the why behind the dream?
How does naming the why propel the how?

Don't forget to keep a growth mindset
as you set and pursue your YET goals.
Focus on the process and celebrate the effort.
Don't let hurdles stop forward progress.
Go around.
Go through.
Go over.

Invite mistakes as opportunities to learn and grow.
Do whatever it takes to reach your YET goals.

Need more growth mindset inspiration?

Look at these beautiful notes from a passionate edu-hero
in the learning session I led last week in Angleton.

Let me know if you ever need a Mindset Matters workshop
and I'd be happy to customize one for your school family.

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