Kindness To The Rescue

It's my last weekend of summer, so today after I lounged as much as I possibly could, the boys and I went on an outing to Barnes & Noble for their 
Teacher Appreciation Week discount. Thank you, B&N. 

Look at this super find by author Kelly DiPucchio 
of Sandwich Swap fame:

Released last month, this adorable jewel features Manny, a cute crusader who loves to play superhero in his colored capes after school by fighting against would-be villains. At home, he's fearless, invincible, brave, powerful, strong. 

But do his superpowers include having the empathy and courage to save the day by standing up and taking on a very real, menacing Tall One who's pushing the Small One around in the school cafeteria? 

Here's the adorable teaser.

Books like this make me kind of sad to not be growing alongside our littlest superheroes anymore, but I bought it anyway because it's a keeper with a beautiful life lesson: It only takes one. 
One caped raccoon. 
One kind act of courage.
One huge difference.

Read it aloud and use it as a springboard for a display 
like the one from my friend Ann Johnson Castro:

Ask students what their superpower is and talk about how they can use those superpowers for good, to make their class, their school, their community, their state, their world better. 

Post their answers shaped like superhero capes or superhero speech bubbles on the board. Encourage them to adopt a moral mantra (like Manny does) to complement their superpower like I am kind. I am responsible. I am caring. I am trustworthy. I am respectful. 

Work with Book Buddies or with classmates to create these cool felt No Sew Superhero Capes. Let students earn time wearing them in class for making 
strong character choices.

Use the story to uncover the issues your superheroes would like to change in their homes, at their school, or in the community. Carve out some time for them to prepare and implement their rescue plans.

Find other superhero ideas at my book's Pinterest collection {here}.

Then teach your superheroes this echo cadence:

Check out Super Manny Stands Up!,
then keep on crusading for good.

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