Visiting Vermont

Happy October!

Today I'm excited about this beautiful new book; check out This Is Texas, Y'all!, 
a comprehensive compilation of all things Texas.
Use it to enjoy the icons of the Lone Star State,
but also as a springboard to research another state.

You could even compare and contrast the two!

I thrive on visits to other parts of the country, most recently Vermont. If I were to write a book about that picturesque Northeastern state, these are some of the treasures I'd make sure to include. 

A is for Airplane: Check out this breathtaking aerial view from the eight-seat 
puddle jumper I took to Vermont from Boston.

B is for Barn. Rebecca Lallier from School Counseling by Heart blog kindly picked me up from the Lebanon, NH, airport and we started my visit there at a fresh food share co-op in this barn. 

C is for Counselors' Conference. The annual VTSCA event was held on the scenic Morey Lake; what a perfectly serene place to wake up to and get growing together. I was honored and grateful to be invited to keynote and lead a learning session on Social Stations.

D is for Divine: I drank in the autumn colors that were starting to emerge around the lake as I enjoyed a brisk breeze on my skin.

E is for Engagement: We had a blast engaging and connecting. 

F is for Forest: Rebecca and I took a long nature walk through this wonderful woods.

G is for Gratefully Giddy: I was so excited when we stopped to snack on a crisp, tart apple from this tree.

H is for Hospitality: We drove into Dartmouth for a savory supper at The Skinny Pancake before calling it a night. I loved sleeping with the window opened and listening to the owls singing through the night as the cacophony of raindrops danced on the leaves of the trees. Rebecca and her husband were amazing hosts. 

I is for Inspired: The next morning, we went for an early breakfast at the 
King Arthur Flour Bakery. 

Maple pecan latte anyone? Yum, yum!

J is for Joyful: A stop at the Farmers Market put the foam on my latte, then it was off to the airport to head back south. What a joy-filled 48 hours. I'll write the rest of the book on my return visit.

This is Vermont, y'all.

As a launch to my keynote, I shared the magic of Jet Stream Jax in his new Kids For Peace Kind Coins clip. Grab some tea and some tissues and prepare to be WoWed.

Now if you'll excuse me, I suddenly feel the urge to dance.

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  1. Did you eat real maple syrup on your trip? That's what I think of when I think of Vermont... :) Perhaps "M" will be for maple syrup?


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