Superheroes Like Jax

Today I'm over the moon because our friend Jet Stream Jax is at it again, 
working with intention and purpose to be the rainbow in someone's storm.

Photo courtesy of Kids For Peace
This morning we set our alarm a little bit early to catch him 
on the Channel 13 ABC Houston morning news. 

With so much bad press looming in our world today, I am grateful that this reporter came to Bales Intermediate to let Jax share our story of restoration and recovery, of healing and of hope. It's fun, too, that they filmed in our Leadership Central learning space and enjoyed an impromptu jam session in our ukulele lab.

It makes my soul sing knowing that our world has
superheroes like Jax.

And while I feel Jax has a special and rare quality about him, I also tend to think that there are more superheroes like him than we might ever imagine, 
on the periphery, just waiting to be discovered,

SUPERHEROES on display in the front office at Landolt Elementary.
to be given a voice,
to be empowered to cape up, and
and to be afforded opportunities to come to the rescue.

Tonight I'm going to sleep with a hugely happy heart,
filled with hope for a better tomorrow 
because of superhero helpers like Jax. 

Thank you, Jax, for spraying a high-level jet of 
kindness, compassion and care wherever you go
and for taking the world by storm to make it better.

You are my hero.

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  1. Yay for Jax! To be so young and helping others(and thinking beyond himself)is extraordinary!


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