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Happy Giving Tuesday; whom did you help today?

This year, we supported Kids For Peace and the Londonderry School. Both of these places make our world better and I'm all in favor of a kinder, more peaceful world. I am especially excited because Bill and Melinda Gates were matching Facebook donations, so a little became more. So generously inspirational.

Speaking of inspiration, today's find features this journal that Courtney, the mom of one of my students, made for her daughter Madison's 10th birthday last spring. 

Using a lined blank journal, Courtney filled the left-side pages
with uplifting precepts.

Some are scripture verses from the Bible.

Others are words from Madison's family, her friends, her school counselor. 

Still others, adages from famous poets, leaders, and authors.

Some of the pages hold words that are wisely profound ... 

and others hold thoughts that are profoundly wise.

All of the pages are beautifully hand-lettered from the heart of a doting mother to her precious child, with room on the right-hand side for her daughter's reflective responses. Here's what Courtney told me about this special birthday present: 

It was such a joy to make with each little detail that I put into it. It took a while, but so worth every second! She picks it up and looks at it often.

They call it a Words of Encouragement journal.
Wouldn't you love to have one of these from your mom?
Or maybe you're a mom thinking you'd like to make one?
Thank you, Courtney, for sharing your artistic creation with us. 

Next, check out the priority mail that came in today's Giving Tuesday delivery
 from a faraway friend at Curious City

It's the newest Stacy McAnulty book.
Besides the brilliant illustrations by Joanne Lew-Vriethoff, one of its best features is its economy of words, leaving lots of room for interpretation, discussion, enrichment and extension.

This book just begs its reader to get into costume, 
so go ahead; put on that red cape, just for fun.
{You know you want to.}
Ask your learners what the letter C inside the shield could stand for:
Or maybe yours has an S on it, that represents:

Then read this selection aloud with your courageous superheroes before asking what they think it means to be brave.
How might our world be better with a little more courage?
What would it take to make that happen?

Compare and contrast Brave with Beautiful
Stacy and Joanne's 2016 collaboration.

Click image for more information.
I bought a copy of this girl-power beauty last holiday season and gave it to the counselor next door as she's the mom of four young girls. I secretly wished it had been around when my daughter was small. Check out a Kid Lit review {here} and listen to a reading of it {here}.

Kudos to this dynamic duo for these two powerhouse titles. 
Thank you, Kirsten, for sending them my way.

I am inspired.

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