If Picasso Painted A Snowman

Today I'm excited because we have new neighbors, which means I have made a new friend. His name is Asher and he's this feisty little superhero who has totally stolen my heart. Yesterday when he came by, this is how it went:

Asher: Hello. Whatcha doin'?
Me: Picking weeds.
Asher (without giving it much thought): Boring!
Me: What?
Asher: I said Boring!
Me: Have you ever picked weeds before?
Asher: Boring!

I kept on picking weeds and before I knew it, he wanted to know which ones were the weeds. We had a fun little convo about weeds as we filled my bucket together before he announced that he had to go back to his painting. 

As he scurried off, he yelled, See you tomorrow.
I felt like I was in elementary school again.
And I secretly looked forward to this afternoon.

Speaking of painting, here's the second reason I'm excited. On the afternoon of Claude Monet's birthday, this soon-to-be-celebrated masterpiece arrived.

I'm super pleased to introduce you to If Picasso Painted A Snowman 
written by Amy and illustrated by Greg Newbold ...

Click image to read more about it.
... because it is absolutely picture perfect.

In this newcomer, an incredibly adorable little hamster takes us on a gallery walk through the way it imagines that famed artists would paint their snowman. Each one is better and more spot on than the next. I shared this title with our new Art teacher and she instantly fell in love. It gave her the idea to make a list of all of the books that she would recommend to her budding artists.

Click image for a review and check which artist this represents.

I especially like the glossary of sorts in the back of the book with bios of all of the artists that are creating a snowman in the text. On the final page, an invitation for the reader to paint his or her unique interpretation of a snowman.

Check out this precious portrait of a snowman.

It's clever. 
It's creative.
It's intriguing.
It's interesting.
It's enthusiastic.
And it's engaging.

And I predict it'll melt your holiday heart. 

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