Seeds Of Compassion, Kindness & Care

Today I'm excited because one of our teachers made this beauty for me.

It's true, you know, about kindness being contagious.
Look at the homemade cards that came in today's mail,
from Bridget, a school counselor in IN, and her school family.

I joyfully added their school to our kindness map.

Doesn't this just make your heart smile?
We are so grateful for all of these seeds of kindness
and we promise to harvest them all and pay it forward.
Click the image for freebie printables by Shannon.
One of the seeds on our map comes from the author of 
one of my favorite (new-to-me) titles with a fairness theme.

Do you know about Fair Is Fair by Sonny Varela?

Click the image for a You Tube read-aloud.
Fair doesn't always mean equal. This is the picture perfect tale to help our learners understand the difference between equality and equity. In this story, the animals don't understand how it can be that Zookeeper loves them equally if she doesn't feed them equal amounts? 

After trying to figure that out and in an attempt to make it more fair, Hare, Giraffe, and Elephant decide to take matters into their own tummies and equalize their piles of food once Zookeeper leaves. And as you can imagine, Hare and Giraffe can't possibly eat all of the food on their newly-portioned piles and their bellies are full while Elephant is left wanting (and needing) more. Food is getting wasted while Elephant is wasting away. Now that's a problem. But will it help them understand that fair does not always mean equal?

Click the image for more goodness from Sweet Blessings!

Check out this fairly-new book; 
it'll be a fantastic addition to your character collection.

Need some intriguing ideas for enriching this read-aloud?

What is your favorite way to teach this tricky concept?

We are thankful to the Varela family for sharing this treasure with us and for supporting one of our families that was flooded. Life isn't always fair, but it is easier with generous people planting seeds of compassion, kindness and care.

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