Living Mindfulness

Today I'm excited because I got this Mindful Breathing vision board done outside of my office in the hallway in time for our Spring Open House next week. I'm so eager to teach all of these options to help our learners stay in the moment, mindfully aware, breathing with intention. 

For the shapes breathing, click {here}.
For the five-finger breathing, {here}.
For the eight breathing cards, visit {here}.
For the labyrinth breathing, {here} and {here}.
For the flower and leaf breathing, click {here}.

I'm so grateful for my collaboration with Emily Rose, a counseling colleague in Wisconsin, as she shared many of these freebie resources with me.

Need a song to complement your mindfulness practice?

How about some apps to enrich your efforts?

Mindfulness books?

 And finally, some benefits of practicing mindfulness.

For my Mindfulness Pinterest collection, click {here}. 

How do you live mindfully?

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