Reading Across America

We dressed up to honor Dr. Seuss and his contribution to literacy. Look at how precious (and tall!) that hair on this fourth-grade learner is.

This afternoon, we enjoyed some DEAR (Drop Everything And Read) time. 
I chose to read one of my new faves, The Backup Bunny
Click the book cover to watch a trailer on YouTube.

The kids I shared it with loved it.
And so do I.
Because it's adorable.

When Max loses his favorite bunny, a replacement rabbit comes out of its sock-drawer home to save the day. Told from Fluffy's perspective, the tale starts out okay, or so the Backup had hoped. But even though this replica was an exact look-alike, Max could tell almost immediately that Fluffy wasn't Bunny. 
A bunny? Yes.
THE Bunny? No!

Still, the Backup Bunny gives it his best effort, showing resilience, perseverance, and grit. And though he does make tiny inroads with Max, he ultimately figures out that he won't ever truly be able to replace Bunny, not in Max's head and certainly not in his heart. So in a touching empathy moment, the Backup Bunny tells Max where he left Bunny despite knowing that meant he'd be banished back to the sock drawer.

Because I'm pretty sure this precious tuck-in time treasure will be hopping into your hands at some point, I'm going to leave The Backup Bunny in the drawer with the lonely single socks.

Want a chance to win your copy? Share a picture of your own lovey on social media (Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook) and tag #TheBackupBunny & @NorthSouthBooks to enter to win a copy of the book. 
The deadline to post is on-sale day, this next Tuesday, March 6.

I dug this Fisher Price lovey out of the closet;
it has definitely withstood the test of time as Kaitlyn turns 25 soon.

  Read an author interview {here}.
Read a review with its backstory {here} and another {here}.
And download a freebie activity sheet from the publisher {here}.

Check out this book and find out what the future holds for this hoppy friend.

What did you enjoy reading today?

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