PPBF: Moon

Happy PPBF; today I'm excited because you get to meet Moon.

Title: Moon
Author and Illustrator: Alison Oliver
Publisher: Clarion Books
Birthday: April 17, 2018
Suitable for ages: 4-7
Themes: imagination, mindfulness, play
Brief synopsis: Dutiful, responsible young Moon, who always does it all, yearns to know what it's like to feel wild and free. Will her imaginative encounter with some wily wolves free her up a bit?
Opening page: 
Every day, Moon walked home from school and thought about the day.


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Why I like this book: 

1. The eye-catching illustrations are simply stunning.

2. The tale, although fictional, has a believable flavor.

3. The conflict resolves weaving in mindfulness.

I'm a big fan of practicing mindfulness.
Staying in the moment,
mindfully aware,
without judgment.

In other words, being where your feet are.

That's how author Julia Cook explained it in a recent interview.
And it stuck.
In Moon's dream-like outing with the wolves,
she learns how to pounce, how to play, how to howl.
In the moment. 
And then, and probably most importantly,
how to be still, how to listen and feel.
To unwrap the present.
Isn't that magical?
And that's just it.
Mindfulness can be magical.
But since it's a practice,
it takes practice.
I love that Moon comes back from her dreamy outdoor outing
ready to practice being her new-found carefree, playful self.

After a discussion about mindfulness, encourage your readers to create a bookmark explaining what mindfulness looks like to them.

Here's a design I'm working on to give to participants at
a Mindfulness Expo I'm keynoting next week.

Of course, you could always research wolves
or the moon. Or both.
Find out if wolves actually do howl at the moon.
And if so, why?

Check out this book;
it just might leave you howling for more.

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Enjoy the weekend.


  1. The cover illustration won me over instantly. Today is library day, and I hope I can check out this lovely book.

  2. I love this cover and I am excited to get this one from my library. Thanks for featuring it.

  3. What a beautiful story about finding the joy of living in the moment. I'm always looking for stories on mindfulness. Have spent many years practicing it myself. So happy with your share today!

  4. Definitely looking for this book. I love the reminder to be where our feet are. Thanks!


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