Savoring The Path To Serendipity

Friday morning, I was in a sort of end-of-the-year funk,
just going through the motions,
watching the minutes click off of the clock.
Before the first hour had passed, I had a text from a friend,
asking if I'd seen that there was an active shooter in Santa Fe.
Wait, what? Our Santa Fe, just down the road Santa Fe?
My AP and our maintenance man both live in Santa Fe.
Before long, news that an officer was down.
And then, the update that eight young lives were taken.
Just like that.
A kid killing kids.
I absolutely couldn't catch my breath
at the thought of us losing our most precious resource.
Two teachers died, too; 
heroes who couldn't stand the thought of their students being shot.

After school, when our own students had left for the weekend
and I could relax and reflect,
I sat in our comfort chair and I cried,
for the devastated families whose loved ones aren't coming home,
for how horrifically frightening and long that day must have been,
for how painful the days, months and years ahead will likely be.
I cried for innocence lost. 
And I felt overwhelming helplessness.

If ever I needed The Path to Serendipity
and get a booster shot of healing and hope, 
it was this weekend.
And look what was waiting on my doorstep when I got home. 

There are so many nuggets of inspiration in this one little treasure to help us unwrap the present and discover life's gifts.

As I devoured through the text savoring every sentence, I found myself making so many connections with principal and author Allyson Apsey, from our upbringing in the midwest to battling bullying in high school to working with intention to live a life that matters.

This authentic, bold leader is the real deal.
And her spot-on reflections are positively uplifting.
Even in her journey's stops which require tissues,
Allyson is able to find sparkly diamonds 
where it seems there's nothing but dust.
She reminds us that it's all about
what we choose to mine.
Even when life gets painful.

She credits her years of experience as well as 
for many of her myriad wise insights and connections.
I especially love the reminder about Glasser's belief
that everyone has five basic needs,
belonging, fun, freedom, power, and survival,
something to keep in mind the next time
we happen upon an argument, 
a conflict 
or a challenging behavior.
I know it'll help us not only professionally
but with personal relationships as well.

Oh, I could go on and on, but instead
I'll invite you to check out The Path to Serendipity;
I'm quite certain you'll be thankful that you did.

Thank you, Allyson, for sharing your heartbeat;
I could feel your passion and your joy on every page.
{Oh, and you were right; I loved the forward by Brad Montague!}

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