PPBF: A World Of Pausabilities

Today I'm feeling mindful of the world of possibilities
that unfolds before our eyes every day.
But only when we pause to unwrap the present.

Title: A World Of Pausabilities
Author: Frank J. Sileo
Illustrator: Jennifer Zivoin
Publisher: Magination Press
Birthday: February 13, 2017
Suitable for: ages 4-8
Themes: mindfulness, being present
Brief synopsis: This rhyming text encourages children to press pause in their lives so they can focus on slowing down and being present.
Opening page: 
Do you know what a PausABiLity is?

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Why I like this book: In a world that's increasingly hectic and demanding, it's so important that our littlest learners learn to press pause so they can breathe and think. This brilliantly-illustrated, Mom's-choice award winner aims to teach children ways to choose calm and quiet. In the back of the book, there's a bonus two-page spread directed at parents and caregivers to educate them on the benefits of practicing mindfulness.

I appreciate its focus on enjoying what's in front of us, mindfully aware, without judgement. After sharing the book, head outside to see what's in bloom! Take in the sights, sounds, smells and feels.

Look what I spotted in my backyard yesterday afternoon.

After a nature walk, grab some chalk 
and draw a picture on the sidewalk.

Can't get outside? Enjoy a water fountain inside.

One of my students brought this bird fountain to me this week after telling her grandma that she wanted to find something to match my personality. Isn't it beautiful? It sounds so soothing and brings peace and calm to my office.

Encourage your older students to write an acrostic poem
using the word PAUSE:

P is for peace.
A is for awareness.
U is for understanding.
S is for senses.
E is for emotions. 

In which other ways do you awaken your senses while you 
breathe in calm and enjoy the world of endless pausabilities?

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  1. It seems our world is all about instant this and instant that. Everywhere I look, I see children playing games and texting on their phones. This book is a wonderful reminder to pause and take in the beauty around us. I'm adding this to my library list. Thank you for sharing this treasure.

  2. I love to see all the many different books being published that help kids learn how to be mindful and learning to appreciate the present moment. This looks like a wonderful book to use with children. I particularly love your suggested activities.

  3. I've been looking for good books about mindfulness for kids. Another one that isn't explicitly about mindfulness but shows how to observe the present is NOW by Antoinette Ports: https://aneducationinbooks.wordpress.com/2017/07/25/now/

  4. Certainly a book for all ages and I am glad to see mindfulness as a theme in more and more picture books.

  5. Love this! The title is perfect. Makes me want to pause and adjust my mindset right now.


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