Making Something Spectacular

Today I'm thinking about how cool it is when parts come together 
to make something whole.

About how seemingly small pieces quickly combine 
to create something really special.

About how every little contribution

makes a big difference.

It's something that has been on my mind for a while now, something that came to the forefront today as our fifth graders started to paint their mosaic mural.

Each student paints their portion of the mural, whose theme this year depicts how our school and community came together to help one another recover and restore after hurricane Harvey blew through.

UPDATE: After day 2.
Finished masterpiece: Restoration

We actually once made a rainstorm five-hundred-students strong at one of our character assemblies, to illustrate what happens when we all do something small to create something big.

In unity, strength.

I love experiencing the magic when parts of the whole 
unify to make something spectacular.

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