PPBF: Yoga Frog

Today's PPBF is so stinkin' adorable; prepare to fall in love with Yoga Frog.

Title: Yoga Frog
Author: Nora Carpenter
Illustrator: Mark Chambers
Publisher: Running Press Kids
Birthday: May 29, 2018
Suitable for ages: preK-3rd grade (and beyond)
Themes: mindfulness, relaxation, yoga
Brief synopsis: Travel with Yoga Frog through 19 yoga poses to help you 
re-energize and get back in touch with your happy self.
Opening page: 
Every morning, Yoga Frog wakes with the sun and stretches his arms high above his head. Sometimes he's still tired. Sometimes he's even a tad grumpy. 
He isn't really a morning frog.
When he's not feeling his happy, froggy self, or if he wants to feel better, Yoga Frog knows just what to do: yoga! Join him! 

Resources: Check out the author's website {here}.
Read a Publishers Weekly review {here}.
Do yoga with Frank the Frog and Cosmic Kids {here}.
Sing the I Am Yoga song with Emily Arrow.

Compare and contrast Yoga Frog with I Am Yoga by Susan Verde. 

Why I like this book: Such a playful way to introduce our littlest learners to the practice of yoga as a way to stretch, relax and regroup. The author and illustrator work together in harmony to explain and show the poses, sharing their everyday names along with their Sanskrit names. I loved the bonus Note To Parents in the back along with a perforated fold-out poster of the precious frog 
practicing all of the poses.

In a world in which children are increasingly stressed out,
it's so important to find ways to stay in the moment,
to relax and restore, and to unwrap the present.

Check out this book for help with doing just that.
Put it in a calm-down caddy or a Peace Room.
Then head to Susanna Hill's blog for today's other PPBF picks.

Oh, and May the Fourth be with you. 


  1. The combination of a long-legged frog and yoga seems like a lot of fun. Looking forward to reading this one. Thanks.

  2. I've seen I Am Yoga, but the frog? Well! Looks so cute and funny! What kid wouldn't want to follow along with a frog doing yoga? Thanks for the rec!

  3. That title is captivating! I so want to join in. Too much fun.

  4. Good, another book on yoga. I am pleased that children have an opportunity to learn how to quiet themselves and focus. Good pairing with I am Yoga. I have two new books that focus on breathing, stretching and relaxation. Good to start young. And, thank you for the birthday wishes.

  5. The title had me intrigued! Yoga is trending in picture books. :)

  6. What a cool idea. Looks a fun read and get kids interested in reading and yoga!


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