Kindness Paints The Prettiest Pictures

Happy Friday! Today I'm excited
to share this story, with permission from
the owner of Penelope, this stately antique truck.

As soon as I saw this Facebook post,
I knew who Kathy was because
our town is a pretty small one
and only one Kathy around paints like this.
Isn't it incredible how she used her talent
to celebrate and bless this unsuspecting neighbor
even as she continues to recover from the flood!
Kindness always paints the prettiest pictures.

Today's picture book pick, also a celebration,
is a Rosenthal mother-daughter collaboration
to delight (and rejoice in) the honor of being a girl.

It's an adorable page-by-page reflection of 
thoughts to ponder,
wisdom to embrace,
advice to live by,
for those girls dear to your heart

Click {here} for an interview with Paris Rosenthal
about keeping her mom's memory alive
by publishing this beautiful treasure.
Oh how I miss AKR, but while she may be gone, 
she will never be forgotten.

Experience and enjoy a read-aloud here: 

Check out this book; it'll be the perfect gift
for that dear girl in your life regardless of her age or stage.

Our chapter book pick of the week comes straight from the heart of The Savvy School Counselor, my cyberspace colleague Vanessa Green Allen.

Vanessa's team invited me to preview and endorse the book, so here are my impressions: Kudos to school counselor and kid advocate Vanessa Allen for this timely empowerment tool that will undoubtedly bully-proof countless young people as it makes its trek around the world. The No More Bullying Book for Kids not only sets the important cognitive distinction between mean and bullying behaviors, but it also provides critical real-life examples alongside reflection questions to build capacity and strength to nurture healthy relationships. Teachers can use this text as a resource to enrich class meetings; parents and caregivers can grow along with their children as they equip themselves with respect and resilience skills that'll help them soar socially and emotionally. Check out this treasure trove of quick tips and proven strategies that will stand the test of time.

Congratulations, Vanessa; I am so proud of you.

Whether you're coupling your life experience with your writing skills to make a child's world better or you're working with your mom even as she's fighting for her life to scribe an inspirational storybook or you're creating on a canvas to express your gratitude even as you grieve, kindness always paints the prettiest pictures.

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