One Little Word, One Big Impact

Today I'm excited because of THIS, the visual that our friends at FJH created using the #oneword plates they designed in our training.

Imagine the incredible potential for its inspiration and influence.

If you've been a reader at the Corner for any time at all
or if you've been a participant in one of my growth sessions,
you know that the one-word practice is a big deal to me.

We've put our words on rocks and on bulletin boards, 

staff and students alike. Because what we focus on, we get more of.

For seven years now I've chosen to spotlight one word;
last spring my friend Ann put six of them on crosses for me.

Last year, my friend Carol put my word 
on a My Intent washer wristband for me.

You can even have your one word engraved on a Giving Key.

Then prepare for your one word to wield immeasurable power,
provided you are intent on letting it guide and grow you.

This year, before I even knew I would be retiring from school in May and starting my encore career, I chose vulnerability

The power of your one word.
The one thing you want to focus on, 
to improve upon,
to get better at.

Or, in our school version, the one thing you want
people to feel when they leave your presence.

What a positive difference one word can make ...

when we work with intention 
to understand its impact,
to embrace it and take it to heart,
and then to live it out loud with our every interaction.

How could you use one word to change your culture and climate?

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