The Thoughtful Gift Of Time

As we cruise into the most wonderful, albeit most hectic, time of the year, I'm thinking about that first Christmas and all of the things that Mary pondered and treasured in her heart: the shepherds coming, the wise men traveling from afar, the little drummer boy playing his drum. Okay, so maybe that last one is just a happy memory from one of my favorite holiday hits as a child, but you get where I'm going with this, right? That we simply cannot overlook a most precious gift, 
the thoughtful gift of time.

The time that my friend Paisley gave up,
to come and frost cookies with me.

The time that Leyla gave up to write a note and color a picture
after we met via a Mystery Skype connecting TX to OH.

The time that author Julia Cook gave up
to meet us for dinner and sign her new book for us.

The time that one of Joshua's preK teachers gave up back in 2003 to help him make this puzzle-piece reindeer pin to give to his mom.

The time that our Character Speaks podcast guests give up
to share their wisdom, insight, and expertise with our listeners.

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The time that it takes to send someone 
a note in the mail,
or call them on the phone,

or shoot them a quick text
to make them feel connected and loved. 

The thoughtful gift of time.
It's a no-cost, highly-valued present, 
a vivid reminder that kindness makes everything
quite a lot brighter and a whole lot merrier.

Image by the talented Julie Woodard {@Woodard_Julie}
To whom will you gift the thoughtful gift of time in the next few days and weeks? How about in the months and year ahead?

Thank you, dear reader, for carving out time to read my reflections
and for joining me in passing along some much-needed 
comfort and joy
as we remember that caring is always in season.

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