In Your Element

Happy Teacher Appreciation Week.

Words don't seem sufficient to thank our educators
for everything they do every day, in their element,
but here's my attempt at expressing my gratitude.

Thank you, teachers; YOU are cherished and loved.
Since I no longer work at a school to call home, 
I've been making school visits, to engage relationally,
take in the goodness and do a little character coaching.

On Friday, I got to be back in my element.

It felt like pure oxygen, to sit side by side 
on the floor with this kindergarten leader,
listening to what she loves about her school.

I also Skyped with these fifth-grade students who
surprised me by ordering our Kindness t-shirts.
Look at these kindness crusaders, in their element.

I'm so thankful that we can connect so deeply
by using a digital platform to bridge the distance.

I've also been doing a lot of research on mindfulness,
but because when anxiety goes up, empathy goes down.

Is it possible to use our magical breath to turn that around?

Click {here} to see how a six-year-old boy
uses Five Finger Breathing to bring the calm.
Is he in his element or what?

Finally, today is a special day because I was invited
to talk about my very favorite thing, being a mom.
Click the imagine to listen in; special thanks to
Sarah Johnson for sharing my story on Motherhood.

I love being a mom.

It's with them that I'm truly in my element.

When, where, and with whom are you most
in your element?

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