What We Do With Our Love

Happy September; I hope August finished as strong for you
as it did for me. I had the opportunity to lead a dozen
growth sessions last month; this one in Texas City
culminated in such an epic wall display.

I just got back from a week in Wisconsin, where I gave a Character Strong keynote to the passionate character educators in Ripon.

We spent over an hour talking about kindness,


and yearning.

We launched into greatness singing this version
of the Cheers Theme Song together, an inspirational idea
I borrowed and adapted from my hero, Michele Borba.

In the afternoon, we headed to an Elementary School for an in-depth look at the new PurposeFULL People Toolkit I helped write this past year.

So much goodness going on in that school district already;
who wouldn't want to live their purpose in these halls?

What a blessing to help them connect by heart.

When I got back to TX, I got to spend two glorious days
growing alongside the Character Cadres in my new district,
Clear Creek ISD. Our future is bright with these leaders
holding the hearts of our most precious natural resource.

Wherever I go, it boils down to this truth:

Relationships are KEY.

Because we aren't meant to go it alone.


We are meant to collaborate.

To work together.
To lift one another up.
To light up for one another.


To treat people as if every day were their birthday.
To find something you like about everyone.
To make all people feel that they are your favorite.

To be hope dealers.
To shine optimism. 
To spread joy.

As we nurture, stretch, and grow ourselves and one another

and work with intention to be a better version of ourselves
tomorrow than we were today, wise words from Bob Goff echo:

Here's to rippling out love and, as need be ... 

increasing the dose.

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  1. Love all the things you are doing! Your kindness is contagious!


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