The Year of WE

Happy new year from Whitcomb Elementary,
where we're celebrating the year of WE.

Look at this beautiful display at the front entrance,
where I stood with my ukulele this morning,
strumming our giraffes into greatness 
on their second day back.

My heart was bursting at the smiles and kind compliments like
"You're really good on that little guitar" and
"That's beautiful music" from my new school family.

My friend Amy gave me this little succulent
to welcome me as their newest giraffe.

As I walked the halls acclimating to my new school,

our character cam caught these beautiful visual displays.

One bulletin board more brilliant than the next ... 

all of them a reminder that regardless of 
our title,
or age,
or size,
or gender,
or ethnicity,
 we are all leaders.

So today I'm feeling incredibly
and blessed.

I've got a little corner office, aptly painted sunshine yellow,
one of the original PE areas. How fun is that?
We've got a little decorating to do, for sure, but I'm all in.

I even ordered a new, long-sleeved giraffe puppet;
if you have any idea for its name, let us know.

Here's to 2019/2020, the year of WE
Whitcomb Elementary {and me}.

A couple of back-to-school resources for your arsenal:

First, my guest post about homework for your parents {here};
prepare to be supercharged by how incredible these turn out.

Second, have you heard about Kids Yoga Stories?
I'm super excited that I've partnered with Giselle
to bring to her readers a few empathy yoga poses.
Check back on or around September 16th
for a few creative partner yoga stretches.
In the meantime, check out Forest Yoga Using A Chair.

Third, when's the last time you enjoyed a good dance?
Yesterday in Texas City, Roosevelt-Wilson faculty 
were great sports as we Deutsch-danced through 
a Brain Boost together using the Fliegerlied.

Fourth, my friend Toni posted this beautiful picture
after painting our True Colors Rainbow banner on her wall.

Wouldn't you love to be a Wedgewood Timberwolf
so that you could play, learn, and grow in that space?

Finally, if you're looking for an uplifting tune, 
tune in to Glenn Green's new ballad below.
It's definitely one that I'm adding to my playlist.

Here's to a year that's anything but ordinary.

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