An Avalanche of Gratitude

Today I'm grateful because on Monday, I'll be a
featured speaker at a Lutheran Church Conference;
here's one of the slides I've been working on.

I believe it's true; gratitude is a powerful gift that grounds us.

Lately I've witnessed so many small kindnesses, all of which have 
made such a big avalanche that has positively swallowed me up.

On Tuesday morning, a visit to see Mrs. Dixon's fifth-grade class 
filled with my former students at Bales Intermediate.

It made my heart sing to see them again and to share
Mo Willems' new picture book, Because

The week before, my second-grade neighbor across the street 
kindly invited me (and Winthrop) to visit his class.

 Those superheroes melted my heart with their warm welcome
and their hard work on mastering the Empathy Switch.

At my new school, I've seen kindness initiatives
popping up all over; this one invites our third-grade crusaders
 to catch one another being kind and give them a 
kindness citation. On Fridays, five lucky winners
get to learn with their shoes off all day.

Is that a fun way to give them gratitude for their kindness?

We also hung our Thanksgiving chains after discussing
how gratitude links us to one another.

On one side of the link, we wrote/drew what or whom we are grateful for; on the other side, we wrote/drew how we show that gratitude. They've added a decorative touch to our cafeteria this week.

On World Kindness Day, we turned our Starbucks sleeves
into colorful thankfulness messages for our teachers. 

I've also gotten to travel via Skype to read to classes 
in Ohio, Meridian, TX, and Pennsylvania;

an avalanche of things to be grateful for, for sure.

As I look in the rearview mirror, back at everything this month
has brought my way, I'm grateful for a myriad of beautiful things;

for faith and joy,
for hope and health,
for comfort and calm, 
for family and friends,
for sunrises and sunsets,
for mentors and teachers,
for blessings and burdens,
for music and mindfulness,
for invitations and inspiration,
for writing opportunities,
for peace and provision,
for sunshine and rain,
for cooler weather,
for Fall foliage,
for laughter,
for love,
for life,

  How are you making gratitude a verb?


  1. Hi - I am curious as to the title of the book in y.our lap in the photo of you teaching the empathy switch. I am always looking for good books on empathy and this looks like a new one for me. Would you please share the title and author?
    Thank you - - Love your always inspiring blog!

    1. Oh, Sara, Thank you for your kind words! That's The Rabbit Listened by Cori Doerrfeld. Here's a link to my review; you MUST get yourself a copy!!

    2. Thanks for your speedy reply......and I do have that book! Haven't used it for a lesson yet, but now I have a ready-made plan. Thank you soooo much!!


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