PPBF: I Am Love

Today I'm excited because I've just returned from
an epic speaking trip to Missouri and Illinois;
first, I saw this beautiful Gratitude Pumpkin idea.

Then, the passionate Peine Ridge Elementary school family 
practiced Empathy Yoga during our workshop

and hopped their way straight into my heart and soul.

Look at the note their Principal found the next day
welcoming back a student who'd been absent.

Talk about being love, the perfect segue into today's PPBF.

Title: I Am Love
Author: Susan Verde
Artwork by: Peter H. Reynolds
Publisher: Abrams Books
Birthdate: September 17, 2019
Suitable for: all ages
Themes: empathy, kindness, love
Brief synopsis: The text of the fourth book in the I Am series invites its reader to look deep inside to find out how we are love. 
Opening page: When I see someone going through a storm

Check out a book preview {here}.
Draw a Heart Map showing ways they are love.
Learn more about the four types of love {here}.
Try these 5 activities that teach kids love.
Listen to The Least Of These by DecembeRadio.

Why I like this book: The simply powerful artwork by Peter H. Reynolds so richly enhances the timeless truths about love that come straight from the heart of Susan Verde.

My favorite page?

I love them all, but I really connect with this one!

In the back of the book, 
check out the pages with Heart-Opening Yoga Poses
and a Heart Meditation to help our littles
practice self-compassion and love.

There are so many ways to extend this beautiful love song.

Have students write a song or poem about compassion or love;
here's one that I wrote using the hand-jive motions.

Brainstorm actionable ways to be a rainbow
and write them on the butterflies for a visual display like this.

Compare and contrast with 
I Am Yoga, and/or 

Visit my mindfulness Pinterest collection for more ideas
for breathing in compassion and letting go of chaos.

Happy November; how will you be love today?


  1. I loved your review, the stories and the pictures. Susan Verde has written such a beautiful series and I look forward to sharing my review of "I Am Love." I applaud the publishers for realizing how important books like these are for children. Along with the mindfulness, yoga, and breathing books. In 2011, they weren't interested. Such a timely share! Merry Christmas!

    1. Thank you, Pat, for your kind reflections and affirmations; I just LOVE it when you visit the Corner! Have a blessed holiday.


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