Unwrapping The Present

Happy New Year's Eve. As the sun sets on 2019, I'm grateful to have had so many awe-inspiring opportunities to unwrap the present this year.

For this past year, I've been focusing on awe.

Turns out that what we focus on, we get more of.

As I watched for awe, I saw beauty in motion.

I noticed it.
I heard it.
I felt it.
I embraced it.

Over and ... 

over and ... 

over again.

All year long, all over our beautiful country.

I was blessed to present 80 times in just as many places, 
including in CA, WA, IA, WI, IL, MO, AL and Texas;

keynotes, growth sessions, parenting nights, 

CharacterStrong PD and student assemblies,

on empathy, compassion, kindness,
growth mindset, core values, SEL,
self-care, mindfulness, and mental wealth 
for educators, parents, and kids alike.

I got to Skype visit dozens of times with learners like this superhero in Canada and gave five podcast interviews including this onefor the Compassionate Educators ShowI served as a lead writer for the CharacterStrong PurposeFULL People Toolkit.

Then, in August, it made my heart happy 
to join the CCISD school family.

One little word; so much awesomeness.

So much for which to feel thankful.
So much to inspire me with joy.
So much to fill me with hope.

So my one word for 2020 is present
and I can't wait to see the beauty that unfolds
in this new decade that awaits trimmed with
 new possibilities,
new connections, 
new chances 
to be where your feet are, 
seize precious moments, 
love unconditionally, and
mindfully unwrap the present.

From our hearts and home to yours,
thank you for being a gift.

What's your #oneword2020?

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  1. My word seems to find me each year. As I looked at a January 2020 calendar page, all I could think was, "Possibility - each of those squares represents possibility." So my one word for 2020 is POSSIBILITY. I will look for the possibilities in each day this year and make the most of them. Goodbye, courage, it was a good year (2019).


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