That Christmas Energy

It's almost the 12th day of Christmas; who still has their tree up?

We do.
It seems a little weird, right?
Most of the gifts have been opened,
it's looking a bit (ok quite a bit!) droopy
and we risk missing the recycling cut-off date.

But this year, we've decided to keep Christmas alive
a little bit longer, so that Jacob and his girlfriend,
who spent the holidays up north with her family,
could celebrate with us next weekend.

Oh sure, I've been itching to get it all put up,
back where it belongs, in the attic for another year,
especially since I'm going back to work tomorrow.

And yet, when I walk by the tree and smell nature's perfume
and when it is illuminated at night with its twinkling lights,
this symbol of comfort and joy brings me peace
and re-ignites in me that Christmas energy
that often gets kicked to the curb 
with the wrapping paper and bows
the day after the big celebration.

As an aside, when I was growing up, my mom
starting keeping Christmas alive until January 21st
after my baby brother Paul's birthday, so that our relatives
could see our tree. As I reflect, that seems a little weird, too,
but it was in an era before sharing the beauty was just a click away,
with a quick text, email, or Facetime chat, right?

So today, as we approach the 12th day of Christmas,
otherwise known as Epiphany in the Christian religion,
I'm wondering how you'll (re)capture the Christmas energy
that kept those 3 Wise Men on course all those years ago 
as they traveled afar following that star to their goal.

What's your vision for 2020?

How will you care for yourself so that you have the energy 
to pursue your goal(s) with passion?

What habit changes will you need to make?

What small-step celebration points or milestones will you mark?

And, like the Magi, who did not travel alone but in a pack, you'll need accountability buddies. Who are they for you? How often will you meet to discuss your progress? What's your plan for if/when you get off course and need a booster shot of inspiration to get back on track and moving forward?

Then, how will you ultimately serve others this year?

You've got this; let me know if/how I can help.

As always, thank you for stopping by the Corner
to reflect, restore, and refresh for a bit.

Here's to keeping that Christmas energy lit all year long
to ignite your light-up for the people who cross your path.

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