From A Distance, For Now

Lately, it seems that it's all about timing; on Monday,
we had the blessing of hosting a Car Parade, to check in
with our students and their families. By Tuesday, a
stay-at-home order for our area had been put in place.

It gave me great purpose to get ready and join the parade;
I worked on creating this car sign all morning.

John drove so that I could play my ukulele through the sunroof.

It made my soul sing to be strumming a song while
quietly connecting with our students and their families,
to let them know that we miss them and that they're loved.

There were balloons, signs, streamers;
it was a beautiful girrafic jam.

Turns out they miss us, too.

But this is the way it has to be for now,
no hugs, no high fives, no hand shakes.

And today, a much different story; our playgrounds
are now closed so that we'll stay safely sheltered at home.

It's weird to think of this play space as non-essential,
a sad and sobering reality.

So many things that we cannot do, for now.
And that thing you're feeling? It's probably grief.

But there are also so many things that we can do.

Welcome to our for-now normal.

For now, we can accept that change is in the air.
For now, we can awaken our senses through nature bathing.
For now, we can grieve the goodbye of old mindsets.
For now, we can practice meditation and mindfulness.
For now, we can savor a soak in warm bubble baths. 
For now, we can call people on the phone.
For now, we can make extra soup and share.
For now, we can let go and forgive.
For now, we can write letters again.
For now, we can share an uplifting song.
For now, we can lead a dance party via Skype.
For now, we can make video tutorials to share a skill.
For now, we can hold PD meetings via Zoom.
For now, we can restore the rhythm of rest.
For now, we can swap free resources.
For now, we can put differences aside.
For now, we can love unconditionally.
For now, we can all be hope dealers.
For now, we can lavish grace on one another.
For now, we can lean in and feel all the emotions.
For now, we can reconnect with our elders.
For now, we can be compassionate and kind.
For now, we can get bend a knee and pray more.
For now, we can enjoy extra time to exercise.
For now, we can play upbeat music all. day. long.
For now, we can show gratitude in all things.
For now, we can believe that we're going to be okay.
For now, we can unwrap the gift of the present 
and celebrate life together, from a safe distance. 
Or maybe not just for now.

What is your favorite for-now normal?

And which ones will we end up wanting to keep?

Before I sign off, a Baker's dozen songs to lift your spirits.

Up Up Up by Rose Falcon
Better When I'm Dancing by Meghan Trainor
Living In The Moment by Jason Mraz
My Wish by Rascal Flatts
Dream Small by Josh Wilson
Grace Wins by Matthew West
Breathe by Jonny Diaz
Diamonds by Hawk Nelson
Don't Give Up On Me by Andy Grammer
Good Vibrations by The Beach Boys
Walking On Sunshine by Katrina and the Waves
Smile by Sidewalk Prophets

Keep on connecting by heart, 
not just for now, but for always.

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  1. Your parade looked amazing! I love seeing all the chalk art going on here and THERE and everywhere. I especially enjoyed the "ya'll" on that fence. I would have enjoyed hearing your ukulele. What a fun idea!


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