A Tiny Bit Broken

Today I'm reflecting on this verse from the Bible 
that came on a card that my sister sent my way recently.

It may have been a happy accident that she selected this verse,
or she might have sensed that life has felt a tiny bit broken lately.

You may remember that our two older children are both engaged to be married this year; God willing, Kaitlyn's wedding is in a month and Jacob's is on October 10th. Of course, their beautiful plans have changed drastically in our current cancel-culture, so we've had an exercise in patience and flexibility, to be sure.

The Bridal Shower for Kaitlyn that was to have been June 6th is rescheduled for this Saturday; the 30 guests we'd invited have organically dropped down to 12, which is safer with half of us inside and the other half outside. We had these treasures embroidered with Kaitlyn's hashtag as party favors for the guests.

Now don't get me wrong; it's never been a bride's dream to have a socially-distant anything, and it's certainly not on her radar to give out face masks and germy gel, but it is what it is, so we're riding the waves.

I'm disappointed, weary and sad but hey, that's what feelings do, they come, they stay for awhile and they go. I'm learning to lean in to the surge and lean on friends to help me weather this storm. I'm staying present, grateful and hopeful as plans change and new information comes our way.

 And I'm more determined than ever to make the most of it as we celebrate our daughter in style. My sister-in law Nancy came by on Monday to help me start decorating; here's the tropical backdrop we (mostly she!) created as a photo-booth spot. Isn't it so adorable?

It makes my heart so happy every time I pass by
that I just might leave it up until the balloons deflate.

In a month, our little girl will become Mrs. Gary Adams;
she's so so excited to marry the love of her life and
we are grateful that he'll be saying "I do" to our family.

 In the meantime, I hope that I'm modeling well 
how it works when we're feeling a little broken ... 

because it's all working out just as it's meant to be.

You know what else? Sometimes a bit broken is incredibly beautiful.

This Gerbera daisy is different, some might even say it's a bit broken, but look at how amazing and rare it is. Like something out of a storybook. Two, but one.

I can't wait to tell our grandchildren the story
of how about amazing and rare August 29, 2020 was.

Here's to a happy heart, a joyful mind, and a #HappilyEverAdams.

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