Battling Burnout

Today I'm grateful for the warmth of a furnace and the power to run it,
because we are in the middle of a deep freeze and I'm told
there are 4 million Texans without power since Sunday.
Though we mostly got sleet and flurries, we're definitely not set up
to withstand a deep freeze like this one. Thankfully, our pipes
didn't burst when the water line froze yesterday. We are blessed, for sure.
We invited some people over, to take them in and provide shelter,
but that's a tricky thing, because we are still in a pandemic.

I was fortunate to lead my first Equity training online yesterday, 
with a group of passionate educators in Wentzville, MO.
I really learned a lot as I prepared for that opportunity!

Here are some of the books I recommended that they add 
to their shelves. So many more, but this will be a great start.

We talked about equity v. equality,
identity and self-awareness,
empathy, compassion & kindness.

And though it always seems to come back to empathy,
I think it has to start with identity and self-awareness,
because a healthier me contributes to a stronger WE.

Who are we?
Where have we been?
Where are we going?
And how will we safely get there?

Not only is that critical in equity work, it's also
a non-negotiable to avoid burnout and compassion fatigue.

It doesn't have to end there, in a pile of ashes. 
You are exhausted. And rightly so.
Life is hard right now. And it feels lonely.

But you are not alone.

And there are ways to reignite those sparks that
started that fire and stoked its burn rate.

I love what it says on the back, probably because it resonated:

The Educator's Matchbook is a weekly guide for educators looking to reignite their love of teaching. Remember those days when you were excited on Sunday nights to get into your classroom on Monday? Feeling burnt out? Exhausted? Demoralized? Have you serious considered applying at Starbucks? (Wait, how did she know that?)

I actually left my school during a bout with compassion fatigue,
so I get it, that feeling you have when you feel like you don't
have anything left to give, because you've given it all away.

So after writing and publishing Reignite The Flames, Mandy created this companion blueprint to help us do just that. To reignite our love for our calling so that we have ample strength to fan those flames.

Her handbook is filled with gratitude, mindfulness and resilience activities 
designed to help you reconnect with your passion and your purpose.

And with every page turn, she's speaking our language.
Mindful eating? Check.
Meditation tidbits? You've got it.
Coloring ourselves calm? You bet.
Your educator identity? It's in there!
Mindfulness mantras? Yep.
Circle of control? Roger that.

And so much more.

If you've ever wanted to try journaling as a therapeutic resource,
as a reflection tool, to feel your soul or just for fun, but
you've felt writer's block with those blank pages blinding you,
THIS, dear reader, is what you've been waiting for.

With so much uncertainty in such a time as this,
one thing remains certain:

We cannot leave something as vital as self-care to chance.
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And friends, it's never EVER selfish; in fact, it's a duty
to the people whom we serve, to take good care of ourselves
so that we can do our level best for the people in our care.

If you're battling burnout, or better yet, before you do,
check out this book and let the flames warm you
from the inside out so that you're more able than ever
to stay mindfully aware, calmly unwrapping the present,
whatever comes your way, whatever that gift may be today.

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