Being Heard, Being Loved

Today I'm reflecting about how amazing it feels to be heard.

It reminds me of something I once adapted from a Covey thought:
So powerful, given how much our bodies rely on hydration, eh?

It could be because we are so close to launching our upcoming picture book, Mr. Quigley's Keys, which showcases how well-heard (and loved!) the children feel from their hero handyman at school, despite the fact that a war injury left Mr. Quigley unable to hear a single word they say.

We are so grateful to share his story; stay tuned for pre-order details. In the meantime, click the link or image above to read what our Focus Group volunteers have to say about this touching tale.

Want to learn a few new American Sign Language signs?
Watch this beautiful Choose Love video clip from my friend Julia.

Speaking of fun newcomers, our expert Bucket Filler 
Carol McCloud just released her tenth bucket book.

 A love song to God, the Best Bucket Filler Ever,
it's sure to feed your spiritual side.

Every living thing was made by God and it's His plan that every bucket be filled and every person be happy. He hears us and He loves us. 

It's a warm blanket of comfort waiting to wrap you up
in the ultimate virtues of empathy, compassion, kindness, 
connection, joy, hope, faith and love.

Want to hear Carol talk about her gorgeously-illustrated 
new bucket book? Tune in to this Kindness Podcast episode.

Finally, in case you missed it, here's a link to a CharacterStrong
webinar with Dr. Michele Borba talking about her new book,
Thrivers, due out next week. Such a powerful storyteller she is.

Thank you, dear reader, for always helping the 
superheroes in your orbit feel heard and loved.

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