Her Heavenly Home Run

Today I'm thinking about the life and legacy of our aunt, Sister Rosanne.

The younger sister of John's mom Ruby, Sister Rosanne loves the Astros, so John wore his jersey for her during our visit to her hospice room, where we were given the gift of holding her hand and listening to the details of all of her at-bats through the many innings of her inspiring life's story.

Photo credit: Cousin Christine

That visit has me thinking about all of the home runs that
she hit during her six decades as a Catholic-school teacher.

There was a third-grade boy who would become her Doctor.
And the third-grade boy who would become her Priest.
The lawyer who drew up her will? Yep, a former student.
There was a soldier that her class adopted, who would visit her
in hospice some 30 years after receiving their letters in Iraq.
And there were Godchildren who would fly in from
five states away to help walk their Godmother home.

Teachers really do touch eternity.

So many wins, one as heartwarming as the next,
as she humbly shared her highlights reel with us,
starting with her decision at just 19 years of age
to take her vows to become a Catholic Nun,
and traveling 60 years to age 79, when she
officially retired, just four years ago.

Sister Rosanne ran the bases with fidelity;
she made a vow of poverty, chastity 
and obedience and, as promised,
she never veered out of the baseline.

Any regrets? I asked, wondering about
her strike outs or missed plays.
Nope, none that she could recall.

She would do it all over again given the chance.

Did she have a favorite grade level to teach?
Nope. Wherever she was, that's where
she was needed. That's where she
was meant to be at that moment.

Teaching, after all, is all about service to others.

Anything on her bucket list she didn't get to do?
Not at all. She didn't tend to set her hopes on things that
might not happen. Instead, she chose to focus on 
what was right in front of her that needed tending.

What does she miss? Sending those little remembrances,
a hand-written card with $5 inside, to let people know that
she was thinking about them and that they are loved.

I know that's what meant the most to our children!

And the biggest change she saw over her time
in the schools? Technology, beginning with
the film strip and projectors.

Then, thanks to that technology, I was grateful 
to be able to read Mr. Quigley's Keys aloud to her. 

Photo credit: Cousin Christine

During our treasured time together, we laughed,
we cried, we prayed, and we reminisced.

We sang Jesus Loves Me before belting out
Take Me Out To The Ballgame.
Through tears, of course.

Tears of joy for her beautiful example,
and tears of grief for a mentor and friend
whom we are going to miss tremendously.

It was during my last at-bat as our time was
about to run out that I choked out the words,
When Jesus comes to take you home ... 
And as if she were my pinch hitter, I felt her step up
to the plate and finish with confidence what I started:
Take His hand.

And with those three words, she hit her heavenly home run.

Dear Sister Rosanne,
Thank you for being an angel on earth;
well done, good and faithful servant.
The Lord bless you and keep you in the
home stretch of your final inning until
we meet again on the other side.
We love you so very much.

On April 17, 2021, as promised, Sister Rosanne took her Lord's hand and 
is now undoubtedly singing and dancing in her heavenly home.

Thank you all for your prayers.


  1. Such sweet moments you got to share with her. And thank you for sharing with us. :)


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