Belonging: It's An Inside Job

Today I'm thinking about belonging. And peace.

This quote from a Twitter chat last night has really resonated;
I hadn't really thought much about belonging to one another.

I've always thought about belonging as a one-way desire,
like wanting to belong to this group or that.
I guess that's more of an outside-looking-in mindset.

But Mother Teresa appears to have thought of belonging
as an inside out thing, not just whether I belong here,
but that we belong to one another. From me to WE.

I love that.

And I can't help but imagine that the illusive
world peace might be more attainable
were we to embrace that sense
of the word belonging.

So how do we nurture and foster belonging,
that basic human need, in our students?

Here are some tips from CASEL on creating

Belonging is a big issue not only in schools,
but in the workplace, too.

This post says that belonging is a 2021 
top employee engagement trend.

Apparently it's a pretty big deal,
this belonging thing. 

And through all of those posts, a red thread:


Which begs the question:
What's your purpose? Your calling?
Your raison d'être

Which is what makes it an inside job.

Find your reason for being and you'll 
be right where you belong.
Love this Dr. Jody Carrington quote,
sketched by the talented Kristin Wiens.

Purpose and passion.
Driving buddies.
To help us help others
on this journey through life.

More on this as I keep reflecting;
until then, what are your thoughts
on belonging and purpose?

And how do they connect back to
hope and peace for you?

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