PPBF: Sabita Finds Her Voice

Good morning and happy end of April.

It's dark and drizzly here today, so perhaps the old adage
April showers bring May flowers will ring true this year.

Every April we shine a spotlight on Autism.
In fact, one of my favorite Kindness Ts comes 
from a campaign to create awareness about Autism.

Do you know about Jordyn's Shirts project?
Her mom was on the Kindness Podcast recently;
click {here} to tune in and hear their backstory.

Today's PPBF tackles this topic as well.

Title: Sabita Finds Her Voice
Author: Dr. Stephanie Vavilala
Illustrator: Jen A. Shannon
Publisher: Therapeutic Expressions, LLC
Birth Date: April 2021
Suitable for: ages 4-8
Themes: autism, communication, hope
Brief synopsis:  Sabita has Autism and is unable to communicate verbally until an App unlocks a whole new world for them.
Opening page: Sabita was like other girls. She had hopes. She had dreams.

Resources: Learn about the non-profit Sabita Speaks.
Compare and contrast with Leah's Voice.
Read about how ABA Therapy can assist with Autism.
Download a Feelings booklet to help with emotional literacy.

Why I like this book: The striking, bold illustrations male Sabita's feelings so raw and so real that they totally bring this story to life for me: A young girl like the others and yet unlike them in that she's unable to find the words to express herself. And while we know that all behavior is communication, there's something so freeing when we are able to use words to convey how we are feeling, what we like, what we dislike, what we want, what we need, and what we dream about. 

Based on the journey with her little girl, Dr. Vavilala's sweet story details what happened when she discovered an App through which her daughter can actually speak, an App that gives her daughter's thoughts, beliefs, feelings, worries, hopes and dreams a voice for self-expression and wings to connect and soar. 

Imagine the incredible difference it would make to finally be able to talk.
So liberating. So empowering. 
So. Much. Hope.

Check out this beautiful Autism resource, then head to Susanna Hill's blog for a fun review of Sloth and Squirrel In A Pickle along with today's other PPBF picks. Rise and shine; happy May.

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  1. Oh, this sounds wonderful! It wasn't on my radar, and now I'll see if I can find it. Thanks for the rec!


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