Calm Strips To The Rescue

What do Monarchs have to do with Mental Health?

The older, wiser, and more mindful I become,
the more I'm convinced that our mental wealth
depends upon the therapeutic resources that
we are able to tap into and rely upon.
Mother nature is one of those resources for me.

Just look at the miracle I got to watch unfold yesterday.

His first attempt to fly was more of a free fall,

so I gave him a lift into our flower container.

The two black dots on his wings tell me it's a boy,
so I named him Beau. Isn't he glorious?

The brilliant sun helped dry his wings for flight.

But let's be real; we don't all have the luxury of time,
to sit and watch Monarchs prep and practice
for their beautiful transformations, right?

So what else can we do to soothe and calm ourselves?

I'm glad you asked because Calm Strips can help.

For years, school counselors like me have been suggesting
that teachers use different textures to help students calm;
putting a strip of velcro under their desk, for example,
is an inexpensive and easy way to help learners refocus
when their wiggles and worries get in their way.

Michael Malkin, creator of Calm Strips, must have been one of those students, because in a recent interview, he said that he created them to "help with his own restless energy and anxiety." His customers have reported that these sensory strips can slow down the stress response and help reduce anxiety, fidgeting, and stress.

These textured adhesives come in strips and in circles;
I recently received a package of five strips and 
immediately knew which students I would give them to.
The strips, which can be used for smoothing or scratching, 
come wrapped in an inspirational quote like this:

Want to know more? They're featured on ABC Action News {here}.

Check out this new therapeutic resource; they're actually on sale now 
to celebrate May as Mental Health Awareness Month.

Need more mindfulness practice?

Try Christopher Willard's CALM Body Scan.
Check out these 100+ Happiness Activities.

Now, if you'll excuse me, I'm going back outside;
pretty sure I just saw Beau land on our Nandina bush.

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