PPBF: Peaceful Me

Happy #SELday 2023; where do YOU find yourself
this springtime afternoon on the Peace Attitude Scale?

I know that these young ladies instantly felt more peaceful once I gave them this color-me-calm pillow and some fabric markers.

And a mindful me is a more Peaceful Me,
which leads us straight into today's PPBF pick.

Author: Sandra V. Feder
Illustrator: Rahele Jomepour Bell
Publisher: Groundwood Books
Birth date: May 2, 2023
Suitable for: ages 3-7
Topics: peace, mindfulness, calm
Brief synopsis: A young narrator talks us through where he feels most at peace and what helps to restore his peace.
Opening page: I like feeling peaceful.

Resources: Read a Kirkus review {here}.
Compare and contrast with Calm and Peaceful Mindful Me.

From the E-Galley Press Release:



“I like feeling peaceful,” a boy says. When he’s playing with a friend, he feels “free peaceful”; when he’s at family dinner, “yummy peaceful”; when he’s gazing at the sky, “fluffy clouds peaceful.” But he doesn’t always feel peaceful, and he shares what can help at those times. 


Why I like this book: The older I become, the more I like feeling peaceful, too, so this brilliant touchstone of tranquility touched me to the core. The author uses this beautiful bo'y's thoughtful reflections to share so many ways in which to feel peace. 

"Quiet" peaceful.

As you read aloud, stop to ask if the busy image on this page feels "quiet" peaceful to the reader; if not, invite them to describe their "quiet" peaceful to the class. Such a beautiful opportunity to interpret and grow through this tot's tranquil thoughts. 

Then, ask your peacemakers to come up with a new expression of their own; my curious creations include serene images of
butterfly peaceful,
sunshine peaceful, 
labyrinth peaceful, 
nature center peaceful,
waterfall peaceful.

Encourage them to divide a 'peace' of paper in half and illustrate their top two favorites. Ask them to focus on the feelings that go along with each certain kind of peace.

Seize the opportunity to reflect on the times when your readers don't feel peaceful by allowing them to talk through things that aren't peaceful to them, if that's what's tugging at their hearts. Then discuss strategies that they can use to quiet their minds and find peace again, like deep breathing or checking in with their other senses.

Curious about this newcomer? Preorder it today for its May release. Then go to Susanna Hill's blog for today's other PPBF titles and a giveaway.

Photo credit: Gary Adams

Now, if you'll excuse me, I'm going outside to get serenity spot peaceful as I launch myself into Spring Break poolside.

Don't forget to spring forward this weekend if you're
in a place that recognizes daylight savings time.

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