PPBF: Yazzy's Amazing Yarn

Today's I'm excited and grateful for this hand-knit colt,
something I ordered from my friend Audrye for the classroom but
think now that I might just have to keep for our Texas room at home.

Isn't it adorable? So many creative ways to transform yarn,
which leads us beautifully into today's PPBF, a gem
that my friend Annie recently picked up for me.

Author: Cathey Nickell
Illustrator: Emily Calimlim
Publisher: Twenty-eight Creative
Birth date: August 1, 2019
Suitable for: ages 6-106
Themes: creativity, collaboration, friendship
Brief synopsis: Creative craftista Yazzy decides to partner with her pals to pretty up Penny-Park using a rainbow-array of brilliant yarns. But will their creations be considered confetti?
Opening page"This old cell phone could use some color." Yazzy said. 
Yazzy pulled a ball of yarn off a bedroom shelf. Then she grabbed her knitting needles.


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Peruse a gallery of our kids' knitting club {here}.
Watch a knitting tutorial {here}.

Why I like this book: I believe so strongly in the power of knitting not only as a creative outlet but also as a valuable therapeutic resource. I watched knitting color children calm time after time over the years, whether it was just rolling balls of yarn or actually crafting a ball of yarn into a little cap to save a baby's life in our Knit One, Save One campaign.

Use this book to get your students thinking about how to use knitting for a cause. We used the Knitting Club to make bookmarks, patches for quilts for residents at a nursing home, and baby hats for preemies in developing countries and for the local hospitals and Pregnancy Center. 

So heartwarming to watch kids using their time and talent to help others. 

Ask your students what they would make if they knew how to knit. 
Find out how they feel about yarn bombing being considered confetti. 
If they were the grounds manager, what would they have done?
Did they notice the adorable critter knitting?
What other animal could they imagine with knitting needles?

Check out today's other PPBF picks, then get outside
and enJOY some springtime sunshine and wildflowers.


  1. My son did a lot of finger knitting in his early school years. I do think it helped him with focus as well as finger dexterity. And it's a great idea to use it for a cause. Great post!

  2. What a great choice! This is something that kids can do for others and feel very good about their efforts! I loved to knit and sew -- made a lot of premie gowns etc to an organization in India we supported. Thanks for sharing!


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